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Professional Fees

We’re Adaptable

We normally work on a time cost basis, but are happy to agree maximum fees in advance for any major projects. As our overheads are lower than those of the larger firms, we are able to maintain lower charge out rates. We tend to find that our rates are around two thirds of the larger consultancies.

Keeping you in the picture

Our monthly/quarterly invoices automatically include a break down of the work done with further details as required.

We do not accept commission payments and we cannot hold any client monies.

A detailed service agreement is submitted for discussion prior to appointment. Fee rates are reviewed each year in line with national average earnings but implementation of any changes does not happen every year.

Pension scheme administration is normally undertaken for a fixed annual fee for core services.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is maintained with Arch Insurance (Europe) and covers work carried out Worldwide excluding USA/Canada.



We pride ourselves on being extremely competitive when it comes to our fees. Our current charge-out rates from 2022 onwards are as follows:

  • Partner/Scheme Actuary £228 – £291 per hour.
  • Actuary/Consultant £163 – £210 per hour
  • Senior Actuarial Assistant £129 – £152 per hour.
  • Actuarial Assistant £105 – £129 per hour.
  • Assistant Consultant £97 – £137 per hour.
  • Senior Administrator £100 – £121 per hour.
  • Administrator £84 – £105 per hour.
  • Assistant £63 – £79 per hour.


Our Partners

With a wealth of experience our partners have helped to steer our clients around the many pension scheme perils and pitfalls.

We have a strong partnership team here at H&C and a great team requires great people –

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A Friendly Approach

We are a small dynamic team based in York. With clients throughout the UK and in Europe we are a friendly local company servicing a national client base. If you need a professional, cost effective Actuarial Consultancy call us – we can help

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Our Clients

Great Relationships

Our client retention is impeccable and it’s something we’re extremely proud of. Some of our clients have been with us since inception and we consider them friends as well as clients.

Our friendly approach, reliable service and pragmatic ethos are just a few reasons why we maintain and prolong working relationships with clients.