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Yorvik Trustees

Independent Professional Trustees

Yorvik Trustees Limited is a trustee company providing the full range of Trustee services to pension schemes and other trusts.

The directors are Alex Pearse, Gary Hatch and Chris Hunter and the legal structure of the company is independent of any other organisation.

Prior to appointment, the nominated director would expect to meet his fellow trustees (if any) and representatives of the sponsors. He would obtain copies of all the scheme’s documents and familiarise himself with the operation of the scheme, and outstanding issues and objectives.

Our general approach is to cost effectively manage the operation of the scheme, working with advisors and other trustees and monitoring advisor performance and value. Getting value for money, controlling risks and making progress by ensuring effective operation of the trustee body are essential.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is maintained with Arch Insurance (Europe) and covers work carried out Worldwide excluding USA/Canada.

Independent Professional Trustees

We were appointed as chair of the trustees by the overseas parent to start the process of a data and benefits audit and work towards the eventual wind-up of the scheme as a consequence of the eventual closure of the UK operation. Working closely with the existing advisors, we achieved all the deadlines and wound up the scheme within 3 years of appointment, by maintaining momentum and focussing on the timetable and agreed deadlines.


Following a review of the scheme, we were appointed as trustee to improve the operation of the scheme and ensure members were aware of the benefits provided and obtained their correct benefits on time. We identified the outstanding jobs that needed doing and agreed timescales for the ongoing day to day administration. A few months later, new advisors and administrators were appointed and good progress has been made.

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Yorvik Trustees Limited

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Competitive Rates

We usually work on a time cost basis, but we’re happy to agree maximum fees in advance for major projects.

As our overheads are lower than those of the larger firms, we are able to maintain lower charge out rates. We tend to find that our rates are around 2/3rds of the larger consultancies.

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A Friendly Approach

We are a small dynamic team based in York. With clients throughout the UK and in Europe we are a friendly local company servicing a national client base. If you need a professional, cost effective Independent Trustee call us – we can help

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Our Clients

Great Relationships

Our client retention is impeccable and it’s something we’re extremely proud of. Some of our clients have been with us since inception and we consider them friends as well as clients.

Our friendly approach, reliable service and pragmatic ethos are just a few reasons why we maintain and prolong working relationships with clients.